President Jonathan enumerates how $1 billion loan will be used to destroy Boko Haram


(GNN) President Jonathan began the week unapologetic about the “military maneuvering and careful analysis” that has seen hopes of rescuing the kidnapped Chibok school girls diminish.

“After over six months of careful analysis and military maneuvering, my team and myself have decided on the ideal tactic to combat Boko Haram and bring back the girls”, the president said. “Unfortunately this ideal tactic will require a hefty investment from the Nigerian people”.

Two months ago the president asked the Nigerian House of Representatives to approve a $1 billion loan to help combat the militant group Boko Haram. He promised that with the additional funds the kidnapped girls would be rescued. Politics has finally given way to common sense as the loan was approved just last Friday. Continue reading

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10 fascinating things you might not know about Nigeria


(GNN) Think Nigeria is all about oil? Wrong!! The following facts about Nigeria will make you reconsider what you think you know about the country.

1) There have been no electrical power outages in Nigeria in over 78 years (and counting). (That is a world record).

2) Nigerians just love cellphones. We love them so much that the average Nigerian owns 6.4 cell phones. (That is also a world record). Continue reading

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290 days, 1 worldwide campaign and many promises later, the Chibock girls are finally home

bbog(GNN) After 290 days of what we can only imagine was hell and 1 worldwide campaign that shamed an administration to give speeches and make promises,  the school girls that were kidnapped by Boko Haram in Chibock Nigeria are finally home. Safe and unharmed.

Continue reading

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President Jonathan finally admits kidnapping in Chibok, Northern Nigeria


(GNN) President Goodluck Jonathan today admitted that there was a very high probability that over 200 school girls were kidnapped in Chibok, Bourno State about six months ago.

“I am not 100% certain but I believe that the girls were most likely kidnapped” , said the President. Continue reading

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Nigerian Government passes law granting senior government officials immunity from past, present and future crimes


(GNN) In an surprising and controversial decision, the Nigerian government has voted to grant senior government officials immunity from prosecution for past, present and future crimes.

Article 4Q(2) of the statute states “All senior government officials, legally or illegally elected, shall be immune from criminal and civil prosecution and persecution in perpetuityContinue reading

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